Triumph Youth Summer Camp

Welcome to Triumph Youth Summer Camp 2024! We are so delighted to be back in action serving the Antelope Valley Community. And, more than anything, we're super excited to be able to welcome youth and families on our campus for fun in the sun! We have renovated two rooms designated for our camp, added an age appropriate game rooms, and well, you'll just have to come experience the rest!

Our award winning summer camp began in 2017 right here in the City of Lancaster, CA. From it's inception, it has been an awesome, transformative camp filled with field trips, community days, educational aids, encouragement, socialization, and so much more! Since then, we have successfully served over 800 families from all over the AV. What's more is, we have been able to employ teachers and college students through the years who have undoubtedly served as capable staff members. So much so, some of our staff members were former campers themselves!

Start the journey below by clicking the image below. From there, you'll go to the registration form, as well as other information about our camp. Please be sure to register your child or children. Of note, registration is not complete until the you have paid nonrefundable 1 week deposit of $135.00 (per child). 

Once registered, a member of our staff will be in touch with you and serve as your connection to....TRIUMPH SUMMER CAMP!

Let's have an awesome summer!

Jacob Johnson

Founder & Lead Pastor